Fitness Merchant Services

There is a new technology that is quickly becoming the most secure way to process a customer’s payment. It is called EMV which stands for Europay, MasterCard, and Visa. Chip technology is the most innovative way to protect the customers and businesses. This chip is put on all new credit/debit cards that are administered.

This chip can protect the customer from fraudulent activity, securing their information. Unlike the magnetic, black strip on older cards with bank details that could possibly be copied, chip cards secure and safeguard the customer’s information and cannot be copied to another device, be erased, or stolen.

This is also a more secure way to do business for the fitness centers offering the ability to swipe a credit card. This method of banking will ensure the only one authorized to use the credit/debit card is the customer who is purchasing.

Right now, Fitness Merchant Services offers fitness centers everywhere the opportunity for the most innovative and secure way of doing business. Fitness Merchant Services will provide your place of business with the ability to have this card processing system for little cost or even for free. You can replace your equipment to accept EMV chip cards and offer your customers the same great payment options as before, but now be more secure.

No extra fees, no hidden charges, just good, safe business. Customers will be happy to know that their payments are secure. You will love it because the customers love it, and you don’t have to pay more to offer the best. You also will be compliant with EMV rules that went into place last October, so you will not be held liable for any fraudulent purchases that happen to take place at your business.

Fitness Merchant Services will provide you with the best equipment, the latest tools to get paid for your services quickly, and the peace of mind that every payment made is legitimate and securely processed.


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